Description of Pre-made Pouch/Bag Packaging Machine with or without Zipper

Model MR8-200RH
Function Pouch Fill/Sealing Machine
Capacity(PPM) ~60bags/min(speed may vary with product characteristics, pouches; or other conditions)
Pouch Size Width(mm): 80~210
Length(mm): 100~300
Filling Volume 10-2500g(Depending on type of products)
Product Types ·Liquid
Package Accuracy Error≤±1
Total power 4KW(220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)
Demension 2200mm*1540mm*1500mm(L*W*H)
Weight 1500Kg
Compress air requirement ≥0.6m³/min supply by user
Application Solid/Granule: Chocolate, Candies, Cereal, Biscuits, Cakes, Puffed food; Nuts, Capsules, Seeds, Feeds, Pesticides, Fertilizers, etc.
Powder: Seasoning, Milk  powder, Washing powder, Fine sugar, etc.
Liquid/Paste: Detergent, Juice, Beverage, Ketchup, Jam, etc.
Pickles: Carrots, etc.
Features 8 stations; wash down; retortable
Notes with weigher, overhead work platform, liquid filler or pump, serve both standard and stand up spout pouch with Zipper or without Zipper.
Features and Characteristics
– The liquid, paste packaging system consists of a rotary packing machine and a liquid or paste filling machine.
– A perfect quality ensures a speedy and stable production.
– High quality accessories make machines reliable and stable.
– Waterproof system makes cleaning easier. colorful touch screen display, easy to operate.
– The main machine and others devices make up a packaging system.
– Provide an innovative and practical solution at reasonable cost.
– Low material waste. The  machine adopts premade perfect-pattern pouch, with high-quality sealing
Standard Equipment Part
1. Date printer
2. PLC control system
3. Pouch opening devices
4. Vibrating device
5. Cylinder
6. Magnetic valve
7. Temperature controller
8. Vacuum pump
9. Frequency convertor
10. Output system
Optional Configuration
-Material elevator
-Multihead weigher
-Filling machine
-Zipper system
-Check weigher
-Finished product conveyor
-Metal detector

Doypack Packaging Machine |Rotary/Vertical Pre-made stand up pouch packaging |Máquina Envasadora Rotativa , VFFS Vertical, Máquina al vacío.